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Celebrates 2022
It's been a long two years of virtual events.
It's time to kick off the Roaring (20)20s and celebrate the harvest and community in person!

Join us for City Fruit Celebrates on Thursday, October 13th at the Fremont Abbey! Early bird ticket sales through 9/25!

Celebrates 2022
About City Fruit
Promoting and preserving urban fruit to nourish people, build community, and protect the environment.

Since 2008, City Fruit has stewarded and harvested fruit from public and private trees across Seattle to help make our food system more sustainable and just.

About City Fruit
Fruit-for-Alls are back for 2022!
Fruit-for-Alls are back for 2022!

Free fresh, hyper-local fruit from our city's public and private orchards!

We’re excited to say that this year, we’re hosting 18 pop-ups and expanding the locations to include Ballard Community Center, Garfield Community Center, Delridge Farmers Market, High Point P-Patch, Meadowbrook Community Center, New Holly P-Patch, and Queen Anne Farmers Market.

Fruit-for-Alls are back for 2022!
The harvest Is almost here!
The Harvest Is Here!

Share excess fruit with your community!
We harvest all kinds of fruit, and this year, are seeking to include early varieties like berries, cherries, and plums! Do you also have too many tomatoes? We can pick up already harvested excess tomatoes to distribute to food banks!

The harvest Is almost here!
Tree Care Services
Tree Care Services

Do you have a tree with buggy fruit? Consider netting your trees this year! Our Fruit Tree Specialist can measure your tree and provide the net to help prevent damage from codling moth and other fruit pests! Or you can read here for more information on how to do it yourself!

Tree Care Services
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21,947 pounds of fruit harvested so far in 2022!

Count updated bi-weekly throughout the harvest season!

What We Do
Check out our Events Calendar to see what we're up to!

Harvest and Distribution

The heart of City Fruit is our harvest season, when we pick approximately 40,000 pounds of fruit annually to share with our community through food banks, meal programs, and farmer’s markets.

Fruit Tree Stewardship

We provide year-round tree care to fruit trees on private and public lands to ensure a bountiful harvest season. These services include pruning, mulching, integrated pest management, planting, and more. 

Education and Outreach

We teach the next generation of orchardists and food justice champions through programs and workshops from elementary youth to seniors. Our programs work afterschool, through the seasons, and on weekends.

City Fruit prioritizes the distribution of fruit to food banks and meal programs in order to support equitable access to healthy, local foods!  

We strive to share fruit with community partners located within 2-miles of where the fruit was harvested.

View our Events Calendar to see what workshops and events are coming up next!

Questions or feedback for our team?  Please contact [email protected].