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Becoming a member is the easiest way to support City Fruit’s year-round effort to put Seattle’s fruit to its best and fullest use. Your membership helps ensure that we can continue to expand our harvest work so that everyone in our city shares in the value of fruit.

City Fruit’s membership program is designed to include EVERYONE – whether you have a fruit tree, like to volunteer and help care for the fruit trees, or just enjoy celebrating the neighborhood harvest with a fresh apple. You are all part of our fruit community!


Annual membership fee: $25 or four volunteer hours


City Fruit members make the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest possible. 

Harvesting fruit from hundreds of households and distributing it to the community partners across the city day in, day out is not only a huge undertaking but it is also an expensive operation. Running an efficient harvest operation requires well-designed and maintained infrastructure, a team of harvesters, and proper equipment and vehicles. In fact, an average harvest costs over $180 and 3.5 hours of harvester/staff time

While grants and income from fruit sales help supplement, our harvest program is primarily funded membership fees and small donations from individuals like YOU. 

Your membership fee will directly help: 

  • Make sure more fruit grown in our city is consumed instead of going to waste. 
  • Make sure more community members, especially those who are experiencing hunger, get to enjoy our fruit. 
  • Create more opportunities for our neighbors to experience our orchards and fruit. 



2020 City Fruit membership benefits:


  • Support of the harvest program    City Fruit members make the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest possible!
  • Fruit for All CSA    A fruit CSA for City Fruit members! Our CSA will include a variety of fresh, organic, hyper-local fruit that’s picked in our own neighborhoods. 2020 Fruit for All Member CSA is full. Please join us next year!
  • Cider apples    You can request up to 100lbs of cider apples (a minimum 3 weeks notice is required. First-come, first served. While supplies last)
  • City Fruit events     Get exclusive discounts at select City Fruit events, including tickets to our annual City Fruit Celebrates in the fall.
  • Partner discounts*      Enjoy discounts from our partner businesses. The offers below are available year around. Make sure to present your City Fruit member card to take advantage of these fabulous offers. 

*due to the covid-19 pandemic the offer details and participation may change without notice. Thank you for your understanding. 

Swansons Nursery
9701 15th Avenue NW, Seattle, WA 98117
10% off purchases at the nursery (in-store purchases only)


Seattle Cider Company @ The Woods Tasting Room
4700 Ohio Avenue S., Seattle, WA 98134
$5 off $25+ purchase in the tasting room (currently applies to to-go orders only). The Woods is a 21+ only establishment.
The Works
151 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98122
The Works offers hands-on DIY classes while building a community where everyone is welcome. City Fruit members receive 10% off all classes at The Works. Look for the discount code in the member newsletter.

How to join:

  • Fill out the online form below to pay with a credit card. If you prefer to mail a check, please make a check payable to City Fruit and mail to 3417 Evanston Avenue N., Suite 210, Seattle, WA  98103 with your name, address and email address.  

  • Or, you can also volunteer 4 hours annually to earn your annual membership. Have questions about your volunteer status? Contact Emily at  


You can fill out our form below to pay with a credit or debit card. If you prefer checks sent by way of snail mail, checks can be made payable to City Fruit and sent to 3417 Evanston Ave N, Suite 210, Seattle, WA 98103.