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A Tale of Two Twigs

Guest Blogger Yiling Wong tells the tale of her two "pet twigs," -- their fruitful future and historic past.

By Guest Blogger on Aug 14th

Look Up

A word from City Fruit's Executive Director, Carrie Ferrence, on the power of perspective.

By carrie on Aug 1st

Bloggers -- Join the City Fruit Community!

Do you blog? (Have you always wanted to try it?) Why not write for City Fruit! We're looking for passionate folks who are interested in the work we do, and want to share their knowledge, humor, or perspectives on a variety of topics.

By claire on Jul 18th

Welcome to the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest!

The Great Seattle Fruit Harvest is a celebration of the bounty our city has to offer. Join us in sharing stories, tips, numbers, and knowledge about growing fruit in Seattle, and together we'll put this resource to its bets and fullest work.

By claire on Jul 11th

Partnership Spotlight: glassybaby

Glassybaby is a cool company with a great mission and a trusted partner of City Fruit!

By hannah on Jun 1st

Your Own Backyard: City Fruit Cider

To wrap up this blog series, we offer a taste of City Fruit Cider. Our partnership with Seattle Cider Company helps us keep tons of apples from going to waste, and the proceeds also benefit our work. (We'll toast to that any day!)

By claire on May 29th

Partnership Spotlight: Chuck's Hop Shop

With this warmer weather, Chuck's Hop Shop is a great place to grab a beer and just hang out!

By hannah on May 25th

Mindfulness Monday: Tips for Reducing Food Waste

Learn how to store your food to reduce your food waste!

By hannah on May 22nd

Partnership Spotlight: Collins Family Orchard

Collins Family Orchard is a wonderful family farm and a trust partner of City Fruit!

By hannah on May 18th