Announcing City Fruit's 5 Year Plan

Jul 30th

By lisa

10 Years ago, City Fruit’s annual budget was $3000; we served just one neighborhood; and our programming was limited to the harvest. Last year, we saw our budget settle in at $300,000; we grew to serve all of Seattle; and we ran a full calendar year of programming that included public education, volunteerism, netting, and youth training….in addition to the harvest.


For the past two years, the staff and board have worked to understand how City Fruit’s vision and plan must shift in order to more effectively respond to the needs of a changing city. Through many conversations with our partners, members, tree owners and donors, we have worked hard to set a strong roadmap for the next 5 years of work, in order to:

  • Grow Seattle’s harvest
  • Make the best & fullest use of the fruit
  • Ground City Fruit in Seattle’s communities
  • Build organizational capacity
At the core of City Fruit's 5 Year Plan is a commitment to grow deeper, to more directly serve neighbors and ensure that everyone in this city has access to Seattle’s incredible fruit tree canopy. YOU can support the launch of this work today! Give today, to ensure every person in this city has the opportunity to experience Seattle’s orchard, by sharing in its fruit, connecting to its trees, or celebrating it with their community.


I'm a member of Seattle Mennonite Church in Lake City. I'm imagining how the religious communities in Seattle could support City Fruit's mission, since most of them have property and the mission relates to the wider mission of many religious communities. Many are already engaged doing direct service to homeless community, for instance. The fruit harvested could be directly used by some of these programs. As you know, getting people working together on a project also builds community relationships so it's a win-win opportunity that can help bridge the divide between economic disparities.

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