End of Year Giving- Dreaming Forward to 2019

Dec 26th, 2018

By lisa

It’s that beautiful time of year when we find ourselves reflecting back on the year behind us and dreaming forward to the year ahead. And, at a time when the city around us continues to change, densify, and accelerate, we find ourselves dreaming pretty big about what our dreams are for 2019. But, at the heart of it, I find myself coming back to the idea of interconnection.


If you look at a piece of fruit….

You can see it as just a piece of fruit or you can take a moment to consider the tree that grew it, all the people stewarded that tree, and the greater orchard in which that tree lives. And, not just the public orchards…there are tens thousands of fruit trees that are located on almost every square block of this city – in backyards, planting strips, medians, overpasses, and more. Those trees, together, represent Seattle’s Orchard – the orchard that connects us all.


If just one piece of fruit can connect YOU to something as big as Seattle’s Orchard then just imagine what tens of thousands of pieces of fruit can do.

  • Shared through a food bank or homeless program, fruit is a connection to and demonstration of our commitment to feed and nourish every person
  • Shared with our child or our neighbor, fruit is a connection to our values, recipes and even heritage
  • Pressed into cider, fruit is a reminder of the value found in even the “ugliest” piece of fruit


The trees themselves offer a whole other strand of connection…

  • To those who came before us and who thought to plant trees to serve generations to come
  • To the sense of peace that comes when we experience land inside an urban environment


By pulling back to consider all the strands that connect this work, you can shift your understanding of, not just City Fruit’s work, but also our city.

And, you can begin to realize the dreams you might have for this city we all call home.


Give Today!


I hope you’ll join me in making a gift to City Fruit’s year-end giving campaign. This month of giving is our largest fundraiser for the 2019 Harvest programs, which means that every gift helps fund a Seattle that feeds, nourishes, and connects us all.

With much gratitude,


Carrie Ferrence

City Fruit Executive Director

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