End of Year Giving - your gift is a reminder that fruit builds community!

Dec 26th, 2019

By lisa

We invited Hannah Kennedy from our new community partner Neighborhood Cooking Project to share her perspectives on the importance of sharing food at this year’s City Fruit Celebrates back in October.

We are very lucky to partner with the Neighborhood Cooking Project who can utilize our less-than-perfect fruit that is normally not accepted by food banks and turn it into hearty, nutritious meals to be enjoyed by our neighbors in need (pictured below: spice-rubbed pork chops with City Fruit's plums and caramelized onions).

Food is more than just the nutrients that fuel our bodies. It can bring people together, create memories and a sense of belonging, and show that we care.


Your support has helped us build new partnerships to reduce our fruit waste and deliver more fruit to neighbors, inside their communities!

Your gift of $50, $100, $250, or whatever level is significant to you, will directly help the Harvest reach more of neighbors across Seattle!





I love food. So, to give you a better idea of what the Neighborhood Cooking Project does and why our partnership with City Fruit is so important, I want to ask you to think of the best meal you've had. 
What did it taste like? What did it smell like? What were the textures? The colors? Who did you share the meal with? How did it make you feel? Maybe your meal included some fresh, locally harvested urban orchard fruit, maybe not. 
The point is, a good meal is not about efficiency. It's not about cost-calorie benefit analysis. A good meal is more than just it's nutritional value. It's about community. It's about savoring the moment and every bite. A good meal is happiness, comfort and one of the greatest pleasures of life. 
This is what Neighborhood Cooking aims to provide. We are volunteers and food-lovers who meet once a month to cook restaurant quality meals for 250 of our Seattle neighbors experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. Each month City Fruit donates fresh local fruit- figs, pears, plums, crab-apples (yes, they can do more than just decorate your sidewalk!)- ensuring more folks get to enjoy a good meal.
- Hannah Kennedy
Neighborhood Cooking Project