End of Year Giving - your gift is a reminder that what we need is here!

Dec 18th, 2019

By lisa

Claire West was another community partner guest speaker at City Fruit Celebrates this fall. Claire is from ROAR – Roots of All Roads, a non-profit mobile farm stand who buys fruit from City Fruit to sell at their farm stand in neighborhoods that don’t have existing farmers markets where access to fresh, affordable, locally-grown produce is limited.

In this city full of fruit trees, we are proud to partner with ROAR, not only to ensure fruit grown in our orchards and backyards is accessible to ALL community members, but also to be part of the coalition that connect and empower individuals who strive to feed their communities.

Thanks to the generous support of our community, we have already raised more than $5k! Give now to help us hit our goal of $15k, so that next year's Harvest reaches every Seattle neighborhood.

Your gift of $50, $100, $250, or whatever level is significant to you, will directly help the Harvest reach more of neighbors in Rainier Beach, as well as across Seattle!





What we need is here… A proclamation of the abundance in our midst from the great agrarian Wendell Berry.  This is, I think, what City Fruit is about — and it speaks to the work that we do at ROAR - Roots of All Roads, a nonprofit mobile farm stand project.
We work in partnership with Vietnamese and Cambodian grammas from community gardens in High Point and New Holly, with Black urban farmers in Yesler Terrace and Beacon Hill, and an expanding coalition of farmers across King County who understand that their work is first and foremost to feed their communities.

As a wholesale partner with City Fruit, we sell this city’s fruit at the stand, keeping those pears and quince and figs and plums in the community where they’re grown. City Fruit’s partnership helps us connect directly with neighbors in the food security gap to impact community health outcomes while building a robust local food economy. 
But there is an imperative for each of us in this particular place & time — producer, consumer, funder, volunteer, we each have a role to play in carrying the work forward. There’s abundance in our midst, in this city. What we need is here.

- Claire West
ROAR - Roots of All Roads Mobile Farm Stand