Get your U-Pick Harvest Box

Jul 25th

By lisa

We are excited to introduce a new way to participate in the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest: U-Pick Harvest Boxes! It’s a new pilot fruit collection program that works almost like a reverse-CSA – tree owners collect the fruit*; fill the box; and schedule a pick-up with City Fruit. This is a great option for those of you who only want to share a part of your harvest or who would prefer to collect the fruit on your own.

So how does it work?

  1. Fill out the U-Pick Harvest Form HERE to request 1-3 Harvest Boxes
  2. Our Harvest Crew will drop them at your home within 48 hours
  3. After you’ve harvested, just ping [email protected] and we’ll collect your fruit within 48 hours

It’s yet another way for you to be part of the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest and share your fruit with others in the community. So plan a harvest party with your friends and family, bake a pie or two, and let us pick up the rest of the fruit!
This project is funded by a Seattle Public Utilities, Waste Free Communities Grant. 
*Since this is our pilot year we will be focusing on fruit varieties with longer shelf lives only such as apples, European Pears, Asian Pears, quinces, and kiwis, and we will not be collecting fragile varieties such as plums this year. 


Hi! Just FYI the google form for a harvest box does not have protect permissions and everyone is editing it! You need to change you share settings.


I was so happy to hear the story on NPR about City Fruit . I will be contacting you about delivering boxes to fill from our apple tree. Thank you for your valuable work!!

Hi, my neighbor said we can pick and donate her plum tree which is ripe now. Can we just bring the fruit to one of your donor places? Do we need to coordinate directly with them? I'm happy to pick and deliver; just trying to figure out the best process. Thanks!

If we knew where to deliver we could do that. It will be hard to deliver 9-5 but early or later would work . Or come by and pick up.

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