It’s officially fall - cider season is here!

Sep 22nd, 2020

By lisa

Apple season is in full swing here in the Pacific NW, which means it’s also cider season. Pressing apples for cider is a good way to make use of slightly damaged apples that would otherwise go to waste. It’s a fun activity that you can do with your friends and neighbors, and, of course, you’ll be rewarded with delicious cider afterwards!


We visited the home of City Fruit volunteers Nick and Bea a few weeks ago, img_3620.jpgand got to see them press cider apples using a family heirloom press. They had previously purchased some cider apples from City Fruit for a cider pressing party they hosted in Fremonder where almost 100 neighbors gathered to press cider. This summer, they joined a work party at the Linden Orchard Park where we harvested over 200 lbs. of apples that were donated to the FamilyWorks in Wallingford, and they were also able to collect another 200 lbs. of cider apples that were not suitable for donating, but perfectly fine for pressing for cider!


On the day we visited Nick and Bea, they pressed about 12 gallons of cider, some of which was bottled and then frozen, and the rest was turned into apple cider vinegar. They also plan to host another cider pressing event for their neighborhood, but a smaller, socially distant version, of course.


Do you want to try your hand at making cider too? City Fruit has 2 cider presses, an electric press and a manual press, and they are available for rental. If you are interested in renting one, you can contact us at [email protected]!