Lisa Dupar: 6 Things You Don't Know about Me + My Favorite Fruit

Oct 18th, 2016

By clare

This post is part of a month-long blog series showcasing the talents of the local chefs and cideries that will be participating in City Fruit’s 6th Annual Cider Taste on November 10, 2016. To purchase a ticket, please click here.


Lisa Dupar: 6 Things You Don’t Know About Me + My Favorite Fruit 



  1. I write poetry; I have all my life.
  2. I secretly would love to be a homeopathic doctor. I’m fascinated by naturopathic healing techniques.
  3. I have done a 20-foot fire walk over hot coals.
  4. I've held tarantulas, scorpions, all kinds of snakes and spiders, frogs, owls, pelicans, turkey vultures, kinkajous, lizards,  baby alligators, dolphin, otters, manta rays, hawks, sloth, and some I can't remember. My childhood with my father as a nature photographer.
  5. As a child, I served lemonade at the Masters, every spring in Augusta.
  6. I have a Mexican passport. 


My favorite fruit is... a perfectly ripe Georgia Peach (Georgia girl!)​peach1.png



At the Cider Taste, Chef Lisa will be serving:

Sticky Sassafras Fig Duck Breast, sliced and served with a fig pan perdu and sorghum molasses drizzle.

Chef Lisa Dupar is the owner of Lisa Dupar Catering and Pomegranate Bistro, located in Redmond. Join Chef Lisa on November 10 at City Fruit's 6th Annual Cider Taste at AXIS Pioneer Square. Tickets available here


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