Mason Bees: The Perfect Pollinator

Feb 6th, 2017

By kate

Mason bees are a native, non-social bee and the perfect pollinator during spring. These unique blue and black bees are highly active during the spring and because they are not a part of a hive. As mason bees have no queen bee, they are non-aggressive and do not sting unless physically trapped. The bees do not build hives, but instead make individual nest cells in a hollow bark, sand banks, or the stems of dead plants in which larvae eggs are laid.

For a second year, we have partnered with a Mason Bee Farmer from Bothell to offer mason bees in Seattle to our tree owners. These rentals will come with everything needed to host mason bees. Simply set up the nest, release the mason bees, and let them go to work! Tree owners can pick up their bees during one of the following times: 

  • March 26th, West Seattle Nursery and Garden Store
  • March 28th, City People's Garden Store 
  • **New: April 1st, Portage Bay Grange
  • Other area locations upon request 

And will be asked to return the bees during the first week of June. 


Purchase your mason bee kits here or become a member for a free kit! 


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