Meet Juan - City Fruit's new Community Engagement & Harvest Manager

May 30th, 2019

By lisa

We are excited to introduce our new Community Engagement & Harvest ManagerJuan Pena!

Juan is not only taking over the role of Harvest Manager from Luke (who, by the way, is returning from his sabbatical shortly and will be offering tree care services this summer!), but he is also taking on an expanded role of the Community Engagement Manager. We are particularly excited about this new addition to his position, and look forward to working more closely with our community partners and creating opportunities for more community members to enjoy our city's bounty!
If you are a tree owner you’ll be hearing from Juan shortly about getting you ready for this year’s harvest. If you work for a community organization or know an organization who is interested in getting fresh, local fruit, please contact Juan at [email protected]. He’d love to hear from you!




Juan Pena
Community Engagement & Harvest Manager


I’m stoked to be joining the City Fruit Family. I’ll  be serving as the Community Engagement & Harvest Manager. I’m looking forward to meeting you and collaborating during this harvest season.
About Me:
I come from a family of migrant farm workers. We traversed the east coast following work on farms, ranches, and orchards. We harvested apples, cherries, asparagus, sweet potatoes, oranges, etc. To this day, sweet potato pies and grilled asparagus are some of my favorite foods. We eventually settled in West Chicago where I spent my formative years. I’ve still maintained a strong connection to growing food and sustainability.
Why City Fruit?
I come to City Fruit with a strong commitment to food and social justice. I’m eager to learn about our city’s fruit trees to develop better methods in sharing resources with our communities and contributing to healthier trees & people.
“We expect too much of new buildings and too little of ourselves.” - Jane Jacobs
Contacting me:
Email - [email protected]
Phone: (231) 220-3936
Thank you for being a part of City Fruit!


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