Mindfulness Monday: Tips for Reducing Food Waste

Apr 10th

By hannah

Your Freezer is Your Friend!

  1. Leftovers are a great thing! They help you save money and can be a quick meal with less planning involved. Instead of putting your leftovers in the fridge, store them in your freezer! You can still heat them as you would if they were stored in the refrigerator and they will last much longer!
  2. Use your ice cube tray to its fullest potential! Have too many lemons and limes? Squeeze their juice into the ice cube tray and have easy juice for later. Left over coffee? Make coffee ice cubes and serve with milk or regular coffee to have iced coffee without it being diluted. Leftover herbs? Freeze in ice cube trays with olive oil for easy cooking later!
  3. Buying too much fruit is an easy thing to do. Use the leftovers for make-ahead smoothies! Cut up all of your extra fruit and mix it together in Ziploc bags. Store in the freezer until you are ready to use. Dump the bag in the blender with your choice of liquid and some ice cubes and you have an easy breakfast on the go!
  4. You can also store soups and broths in your freezer! Use vegetable scraps and left over bones to make stocks and broths. Store these in your freezer for an easy base for your next weeknight soup dinner!

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