Next generation of community leaders: Y-WE

Sep 22nd, 2020

By lisa

While our favorite thing about the harvest season is of course fresh, juicy, delicious fruit, w-ye_apple_pressing.jpgthe generosity of fruit trees is not limited to just fruit. They also gift us with opportunities to learn how to grow our own food, connect with our land, and empower the youth in our community.


This summer, we partnered with Y-WE (Young Women Empowered) as part of their Urban Food Innovators internship program at the Marra Farm. Y-WE is an organization that serves underserved young women, and provides mentorship-based empowerment programs ranging from Health and Wellness, Technology, Nature Connections and Youth Leadership Council to support future changemakers.


We met with the five young women from the program at the Marra Farm on every Wednesday morning in August, and explored various subjects including orchard care, urban food systems, food justice and community engagement within the urban environment. The hands-on activities included fruit tree identification, pruning, harvesting and cider pressing!



In a time when we are seeing grassroots movements led by dedicated individuals, especially young women of color, it is inspiring to witness these young women take in all these is to learn, on their way to become leaders who will bring meaningful changes to our community. We hope to continue our partnership with Y-WE and, in fact, we are scheme more programming for October as we speak!