Partnership Spotlight: Alpenfire Cider

Apr 6th, 2017

By hannah

Partnership Spotlight: Alpenfire Cider

As the first organic cidery in Washington State, Alpenfire Cider is one of a kind. Its owners first discovered their love for cider in Canada and quickly hopped across the pond to see how the Europeans were making it. After taking a cider class at WSU, they decided to start their own orchard and purchased 900 French and English cider variety trees. By 2008, Alpenfire Cider had its first harvest.

Just 9 years later, Alpenfire Cider is averaging 30 bins of apples each year! The cidery is open for tours and tastings and has a cider for everyone. They are certified organic apple growers and have also started harvesting pears! Pick up some of their cider today or make an appointment for a tour and tasting. You won’t be disappointed! 

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