Partnership Spotlight: glassybaby

Jun 1st

By hannah

Partnership Spotlight: glassybaby

Founded in Seattle, glassybaby is a philanthropic glass-blowing company that specializes in votive candles and drinking glasses. Founder, Lee Rhodes, was inspired to create a company that gave back after she battled cancer three times. Each votive and drinker is hand made with care by one of 80 glassybaby glassblowers in Seattle and Berkeley.

A percentage of every glassybaby sale is donated to the glassybaby White Light Fund that helps people, animals, and the planet heal. To date, glassybaby has donated over six million dollars, and that number just continues to grow. Not only do the votive candles and drinkers go to a good cause, but they are beautiful too! Stop by any location in California, Oregon, and Washington and pick up some today or just fill your online shopping cart. Buying works of art like these feels great when it goes to a good cause. 

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