Snowdrift Cider Co.

Oct 19th, 2016

By clare

This post is part of a month-long blog series showcasing the talents of the local chefs and cideries that will be participating in City Fruit’s 6th Annual Cider Taste on November 10, 2016. To purchase a ticket, please click here.

Snowdrift Cider Co., hailing from sunny East Wenatchee, is owned by Mary Ann and Peter Ringsrud. After several decades of experience growing apples for eating, Mary Ann and Peter delved into growing apple varieties with gnarlier, more intense character for cider-making. One of the Ringsruds’ first experiences making cider was with a 100-year-old hand crank press borrowed from a family friend.

snowdrift_logocrop.jpgTheir reverence for history and rediscovery of heirloom apples shines through in their tree-to-bottle process. Snowdrift’s eight ciders draw on French, English and old American cider apple varieties. These include the Calville Blanc d’Hiver dating to the 16th century - eaten by King Louis XIII (!) - as well as the American classic Roxbury Russet and the 18th century English Ashmead’s Kernel. Snowdrift’s ciders even draw on the crab apple varieties previously ignored in their orchard to serve as pollinators.

Visit Snowdrift Cider Co. Fridays and Saturdays noon to 5pm at 277 Ward Ave., East Wenatchee, WA. Call ahead for appointments.

Snowdrift Cider Co. has partnered with City Fruit for the Annual Cider Taste fundraiser every year! City Fruit is honored to be joined by Snowdrift once again on November 10. Don’t miss out on these special heritage ciders - buy your tickets today!

Yiling Wong is a City Fruit Ambassador.


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