Thank you cards from the Harvest

Nov 5th, 2019

By lisa

Thank you cards from the Harvest

"It’s aPEARent that you are generous! Thanks for the 42 pounds of fruit!"
"It’s no QUINCE-idence that we teamed up! Sharing fruit is fun. Thanks for the 15 pounds of fruit!"


If you had your fruit harvested by City Fruit this year, there’s a good chance you received one of those fun, quirky, adorable thank you cards. These are the work of our rock star harvester Emily, who is also an artist, educator, and community activist. City Fruit is lucky to have dedicated, hard-working harvest crew every year, and this year was not exception! Collectively they picked tens of thousands of pounds of fruit and delivered it to our community partners all over the city, and even shared fun art too! 

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