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Let’s bridge the gap together

With your monthly gift, you can bridge the gap for families who don’t have access to fresh fruit during these trying times.

By lisa on Aug 25th, 2020

Summer pruning tips from Luke

Want to grow more healthy fruit? Then now is a good time to prune your fruit trees, especially plum and cherry, to get them in a good shape!

By lisa on Aug 13th, 2020

Neighborhood Ambassador spotlight: Anna

Meet Anna, one of the 7 Neighborhood Ambassadors who are helping to make sure the bounty from our citys fruit trees is shared with the community.

By lisa on Aug 11th, 2020

Partner spotlight – Tilth Alliance Farm Stand

Tilth Alliance’s new Farm Stand ensures that everyone in the community has fair, equal and dignified access to local, fresh, seasonal, organic, and sustainably-grown food

By lisa on Aug 11th, 2020

Fruit for All - sharing fruit during a pandemic

Fruit for All is popping up to connect more community members to a valuable resource – fruit grown in our city that is available to ALL.

By lisa on Aug 11th, 2020

Save the date: 2020 City Fruit Celebrates!

Join us on Sunday, October 25 as our annual event City Fruit Celebrates goes socially distant with exciting ciders, food, and family-friendly activities.

By lisa on Aug 4th, 2020

Meet City Fruit's new Executive Director: Annie Nguyen

Annie brings with her a long record of environmental stewardship and community advocacy. Please join us in welcoming her to City Fruit!

By lisa on Jul 30th, 2020

The 2020 Great Seattle Fruit Harvest has begun!

The arrival of the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest brings many opportunities to share the bounty and connect with our community.

By lisa on Jul 9th, 2020

Meet our new team members: Bela and Kai

We are thrilled to welcome our new VISTA harvester and UW intern to join the City Fruit during this harvest season!

By lisa on Jul 8th, 2020