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Working together during a pandemic

Despite the social distancing requirements City Fruit was able to net over 80 fruit trees this spring by working with our community partners. And now we are ready for the harvest!

By lisa on Jul 1st, 2020

Help grow the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest!

Request the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest neighbor campaign postcards and let your neighbors know about City Fruit's harvest program.

By lisa on May 31st, 2020

Pollinator Bingo!

Get outside and learn more about our shared urban food system. AND enter a raffle to win a PCC gift card and City Fruit membership!

By lisa on May 22nd, 2020

Save Seattle's Apples: how to net your tree

Net your fruit tree to keep the bugs away this spring, and enjoy healthy, pests-free fruit later this year.

By lisa on May 12th, 2020

Save Seattle's Apples "baggie" guide

No more buggy apples! Grow healthy, pest-free fruit by using this easy trick to keep the bugs away.

By lisa on May 5th, 2020

Springtime Mulching

Mulching your fruit trees is an easy way to maintain the health of your trees and fruit and it’s especially effective in the late spring early summer months.

By lisa on Apr 30th, 2020

Fund the 2020 Great Seattle Fruit Harvest

During this pandemic, City Fruit’s services are needed more than ever. Your donation today will help ensure our neighbors will have access to fresh, nutritious fruit grown in our city.

By lisa on Apr 21st, 2020

Save Seattle's Apples tree netting guide

Are you ready to net your tree so you can finally enjoy pest-free apples? Then heres a handy guide to help you find the right netting for your tree.

By lisa on Apr 21st, 2020

2019 City Fruit Annual Report

Read the 2019 Annual Report with reflections on the year’s impact, financials, and listings of our key donors, funders, and community partners

By lisa on Apr 9th, 2020