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Vote No on Initiative 123

City Fruit urges its members, donors, and supporters to vote no on Initiative 123.

By kate on Jul 15th

Love Food, Stop Waste Cooking Series - CSA Savvy

Melissa Smithers taught the second in a class series focused on food waste prevention.

By kate on Jul 13th

#NoWasteWednesday: Remembering the Reasons for the Harvest

The 2016 Harvest is here!

By luke on Jun 29th

City Fruit Cider Launches on Wednesday, June 29th!

City Fruit, in partnership with Seattle Cider Co., will be releasing a limited time cider on Wednesday, June 29th!

By cassie on Jun 27th

#NoWasteWednesday: John Oliver Talks Food Waste

In this blog, we will let one of our favorite comedians, John Oliver, explain the issues with food waste.

By luke on Jun 22nd

#NoWasteWednesday: Saving Nihonmachi's Apples

How do we convince ourselves that the effort it takes to stop food waste is worth it?

By yvonne on Jun 15th

#NoWasteWednesday Food Waste on a Global Scale

The United Nations has set 17 goals for sustainable development by 2030

By luke on Jun 8th

#NoWasteWednesday: Using up the Last Bits of Jams, Mustards, and Tomato Paste

A little bit of flavor and creativity goes a long way! The dregs in your jars of jam, jelly, mustard and tomato paste can be used to create sauces, dressings marinades and more.

By natalie on Jun 1st

#NoWasteWednesday: Food Waste Hierarchy

By checking in at each level of the food waste hierarchy, City Fruit has been trying to save Seattle's apples.

By yvonne on May 25th