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#NoWasteWednesday Food Waste on a Global Scale

The United Nations has set 17 goals for sustainable development by 2030

By luke on Jun 8th

#NoWasteWednesday: Using up the Last Bits of Jams, Mustards, and Tomato Paste

A little bit of flavor and creativity goes a long way! The dregs in your jars of jam, jelly, mustard and tomato paste can be used to create sauces, dressings marinades and more.

By natalie on Jun 1st

#NoWasteWednesday: Food Waste Hierarchy

By checking in at each level of the food waste hierarchy, City Fruit has been trying to save Seattle's apples.

By yvonne on May 25th

#NoWasteWednesday: Bagging your fruit trees to prevent food waste.

Bagging your apples and pears is a great way to prevent both coddling moth and apple maggot damage.

By luke on May 17th

Summer Internship Opportunity!

City Fruit is hiring a summer intern to assist with orchard and outreach work!

By kate on May 12th

2016 Save Seattle’s Apples Campaign in Full Swing

Be part of the citywide effort to reduce waste and Save Seattle's Apples!

By kate on May 12th

Pests and Pest Prevention

Pests in the Puget Sound region can greatly damage fruits such as apples and pears. Read on for ways to organically prevent these pests.

By luke on Apr 26th

Meaningful Movies Presents: Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story

Meaningful Movies will be presenting, Just Eat it. A Food Waste Story. There will be multiple viewings shown throughout the Seattle area and each will include a community discussion on the issues surround the film.

By luke on Apr 25th

Fruit Science Summer Camp!

City Fruit is offering a new youth education program this Summer! Learn about fruit tree care and nutrition while adventuring outdoors, learning new recipes, and exploring food traditions from around the world with Fun and Fruit Science!

By wheeler on Mar 29th