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5 cool ways City Fruit grew this year

As we prepare to welcome a new year, filled with new growth and opportunity – we wanted to take a step back to celebrate 2017!

By natalie on Dec 29th, 2017

Lasagna Gardening

Guest blogger Lena Young writes about soil health, and gives a how-to on building a lasagna compost!

By Guest Blogger on Dec 14th, 2017

The Dying of the Fruit Trees

The future of our trees is in all of our hands. This is the story of how all of us can come together and preserve their heritage.

By natalie on Dec 12th, 2017

Community Building with Cider

Harvest Hero Patrick Mann shares a story of DIY action in community.

By Guest Blogger on Dec 6th, 2017

City Fruit Fan Favorite! Barb's (Beyond) Banana Bread

This volunteer favorite goes beyond bananas to use whatever overripe fruit that your kitchen, backyard or urban orchard has to offer. Her secret recipe is out and up on the blog!

By natalie on Dec 5th, 2017

City Fruit launches Harvest for All

City Fruit officially announces a commitment and expansion for 2018!

By natalie on Nov 27th, 2017

City Fruit Celebrates: Sponsors!

Read about the awesome companies that will be showing their support for City Fruit at our upcoming fundraising event!

By claire on Oct 25th, 2017

City Fruit Celebrates: Menu!

Enjoy a sneak peak of the delicious treats we'll get to share at City Fruit's upcoming fundraiser!

By claire on Oct 19th, 2017

City Fruit Celebrates: Local Chefs!

Spotlight on the awesome Seattle chefs & sweeteries who will be honoring us with their presence at City Fruit Celebrates!

By claire on Oct 10th, 2017