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June 8th, 10:00am to August 17th, 1:00pm


Want to learn more about caring for fruit trees in Seattle? Join the Orchard Steward Community Classes to learn about growing healthy fruit and sharing the harvest. This class series is meant for folks who want to learn more about taking care of the fruit trees in their P-Patch, community garden, school and more... These sessions will have some instruction combined with a hands-on learning experience. These three classes will also have the opportunity to work with the Master Fruit Tree Stewards. Space is limited. $30 per class or $75 for three classes. 


Saturday June 8th, 10am-1pm

Apple Tree Pest Prevention (Marra Farm - 9026 4th Avenue S, Seattle, WA  98108) 

Join this session to learn more about how to grow healthy apples without chemicals and pesticides by installing barriers to prevent bugs from getting to the fruit. Extra supplies are available for those actively working on fruit trees in their own community by request. Please email [email protected] ahead of time to request nets or baggies and other supplies.


Saturday July 13th, 10am-1pm

Summer Pruning (Cascade P-Patch - 310 Minor Avenue N, Seattle, WA  98109)   

Learn why pruning fruit trees is one of the most important things you can do to grow healthy fruit. This class will cover tools, techniques, and all of the ways pruning fruit trees can lead to a healthier and more abundant harvest. Please bring a pair of bypass hand pruners or loppers if you have them. Extra tools are available but limited.


Saturday August 17th, 10am-1pm

Community Harvesting and Distribution (Location TBD)

This session is going to cover the best ways to mobilize your community around the harvest! This includes knowing how to tell when your fruit is ripe, assessing fruit quality and distributing according to its best and fullest use. We will have a light harvest and potluck to celebrate the last class of the Master Fruit Tree Stewards with short presentations to follow. Bring something to share if you can.



$30 per class or $75 for all three classes

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