Cider Press Rentals

Renting Our Cider Presses


Do you want to try your hand at making cider? City Fruit has three cider presses, an electric press and two manual presses!


Cider presses are available to rent for a 48-96 hour window, both during and outside of harvest season.  During the harvest season (June to October), rentals are from Friday to Monday ($65) or Tuesday to Thursday ($50).  The off season rentals are from Thursday to Monday ($70) or Tuesday and Wednesday ($40).


If you are interested in renting a press, please submit this form with your preferred dates. If you have further questions, you can contact us at [email protected]!


Please note fall is peak cider-making season, and submission of a rental agreement does not guarantee a press is available.  


Get to know our presses!  Check out the following how-to documents to get a feel for how they look, operate, and come apart: 


– Manual / Electric Cider Press Operating Handout

– Electric Cider Press Cleaning Instruction