Collaborating with Community Partners

City Fruit donates fresh fruit to meal programs, food banks, and community organizations throughout Seattle.  We also redirect undersized and buggy fruit to diversion partners that can help us process this fruit into products such as applesauce and ciders! Our community partners help us fulfill our mission of increasing the accessibility of fresh, local fruit for all Seattle residents.  Are you an organization in Seattle interested in receiving fresh fruit?  Or do you own a farm or orchard and would like us to harvest your surplus fruit?  Contact us at [email protected] and let’s talk about partnering!  To learn more about our distribution process and our free Fruit-for-All Farmstands, please visit our Distribution page. 


Thank you to all our community partners that increase fruit access for all in Seattle and support our program!

Farm/Orchard Partners 
(privately owned farms/orchards that allow us to harvest their surplus fruit)
Longacres Orchard in Renton, WA (owned by UNICO) 
Canter-berry Farms in Auburn, WA 
Diversion Partners


Seattle Cider

Greenwood Cider

Copperworks Distilling Company

Salmonberry Goods 

Dahlia Bakery