Each year, hundreds of individual donors, including current and former volunteers, tree owners who share their fruit with us, and local orchardists across Seattle, make a gift to support our work.  In 2020, when the pandemic started, individual donors helped us survive the worst of the funding cuts.  In the years since, we’ve come back stronger than ever. Individual donors continue to be an important lifeline for City Fruit, contributing roughly 1/3 of our annual budget. 



Please know that every gift-no matter how small or large-makes a difference. If you would like to speak to someone about your gift, please email [email protected]. Thank you for believing in us!

Ways to Donate:

Donate Online

(Donate via credit card or PayPal)

Donate via Check

(Checks can be mailed to our office at 4000 Aurora Ave N Suite #123 Seattle, WA 98103)

Become a Sustaining Member! 

(Make a recurring donation to support our work year-round and receive discounts to local plant nurseries, cideries, and more!)

Workplace Giving & Matches

Does your company offer corporate matches for employee donations? By submitting your donation for a match, you can double (sometimes triple) your impact!


Many workplaces also offer opportunities to donate through payroll deductions!


For questions about work place giving and company matches, please email [email protected]. Thank you so much for your support!