Fruit For All Farmstand (OLD PAGE NOT LIVE)

Fruit-for-All is our signature pop-up fruit stands set up as another low-to-no barrier way to share fruit for free!  Our Fruit-for-Alls are planned every summer and fall (July-Oct) in neighborhoods across Seattle so that anyone can enjoy the bounty of our city’s fruit trees.  Each harvest season, we plan for 12-19 Fruit-for-Alls in neighborhoods from High Point, to Ballard, to Meadowbrook, to New Holly, to Phinney, to Delridge – and more!

We’ll be popping up with our Fruit-for-All fruit stand as part of farmer’s markets and occasionally on our own to reach youth in summer programs, families accessing libraries, and more.  While we focus on Seattle’s underserved neighborhoods, our reach with Fruit-for-Alls in 2021 made sure that everyone in our community could have access to FREE, fresh, nutritious fruit – that may have been picked just that morning, just down the street! Fruit is first-come, first-serve at at fruit stands, but don’t fret! If you’re a City Fruit member, you can reserve a share of fruit! Your member share may even include some special fruit varieties that are available only in limited quantities (think figs, grapes and berries). Up to 10 member shares are available at each pop-up.

Curious about which fruits might be available at our pop-ups?  Here is a breakdown of when different kinds of fruits are ripening in our city’s orchards:

July: cherries, plums

August: plums, figs, peaches, apples, pears

September: plums, peaches, apples, pears, grapes 

October: apples, pears, grapes, figs, persimmons, quince, kiwis


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