Save Seattle's Apples

Together we can Save Seattleā€™s Apples!

Our goal is to help harvest healthy organic pest-free apples, prevent food waste, and preserve the diverse fruit tree canopy in backyards throughout Seattle.

Ways to get involved


  • Volunteer! Join us at a local orchard and install fruit tree pest prevention netting! Bring a friend or a group.
  • Protect your tree!  Prevent damage to your fruit by purchasing and installing physical pest barrier netting or apple baggies (see also: fruit sox) that keeps out invasive apple maggot fly and codling moth that start flying in early May.

Canopy Netting is SOLD OUT! Check back next year, consider "bagging" your fruit instead.

Apple Baggie Pickup Locations:

City People's Garden Store (2939 E Madison St.) 

Greenwood Hardware (7201 Greenwood Ave N), 

Maple Leaf Hardware (9000 Roosevelt Way NE)

Seattle Farm Coop (5133 S Director St.)

Urban Feed and Garden (4878 Beacon Ave S)

West Seattle Nursery and Garden Center (5275 California Ave SW)

  • Make a Toast! Help kickoff the season with a sip of the 2nd annual release of the City Fruit Cider. The cider makers at Seattle Cider Co expertly crafted excess and damaged fruit into a totally unique cider that gives back!

Save Seattle's Apples is made possible by Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Parks and Recreation, and Seattle Cider Co.