Tree Care Services

"It is a wonderful program and I was very pleased!" -Nancy S.

City Fruit's Tree Care Services program is a unique opportunity to receive expert tree care from a steward who has specifically studied and trained in caring for fruit tree health and production. In addition, City Fruit stewards will provide tree owners with the knowledge they need to continue to care for their fruit trees throughout the year. Not only will participants receive personalized tree assessments and care strategies, they will also be supporting the continued growth of City Fruit's Harvest for All program!


Benefits of Tree Pruning

-Encourage fruit growth by stimulating the formation of fruit buds

-Grow higher quality fruit opening up the canopy for light penetration

-Remove dead/diseased branches to maintain a healthy tree

-Control the size of the tree and stimulate new growth in desired locations.

Tree Care Options

Pruning - A certified City Fruit Master Fruit Tree Steward will prune and train your fruit tree in order to improve its health and productivity. The dormant winter season is the best time to prune most fruit trees, between December and February. 

Organic Pest Prevention - This service is best for apple or pear trees that experience coddling moth and apple maggot damage. There are two effective, non-spray pest prevention methods. The first is to net the entire tree which both protects all the tree's produce and catches any fallen fruit. The second method is to cover each piece of a fruit with a "baggie." This can be quite a time-consuming process but a properly covered piece of fruit has a very high success rate in developing into full, pest free piece of produce. 

Tree Care Assessment and Comprehensive Tree Care Action Plan - This service is meant to provide tree owners with a thorough understanding of the health of one's trees as well as the what local factors may be influencing the health of the tree through an on-site consultation. A tree assessment will take a look at every zone of the tree from its roots to the top of the canopy. From there, City Fruit will develop a simple to follow, customized action plan for a tree owner to follow in order to improve the health of the tree.

Comprehensive Tree Care - Love your fruit trees but don't have time to maintain them? Hire City Fruit to maintain your trees year round! We will conduct a tree assessment, develop and implement an action plan to improve the health and productivity of your fruit trees! 


Pruning: $85/hr, one-hour minimum. Most fruit trees require between one and two hours pruning in the winter season.  A certified Master Fruit Tree Steward will visit your home and tree, provide an estimate, and with your permission, complete the work. 

Tree Care Assessment & Action Plan - $85/hr, one-hour minimum. The summer months are best for assessing your fruit trees when both fruit and foliage are available for analysis. A certified MFTS will visit your home, assess your fruit trees, and issue their findings along with an action plan. 

Comprehensive Tree Care - Dependent on the number, type, and size of trees. Contact [email protected] for pricing estimates. 

Pest Prevention Netting Installation - $50/hr, one-hour minimum. For folks who need help netting their fruit trees, a trained City Fruit employee will help cover and seal your net to prevent pests from damaging the tree's fruit.


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