Youth Engagement

City Fruit partners with local youth programs to provide opportunities toward reconnecting youth to the power of their local environment and developing stronger relationships with the local food system. 


Partnership and Programming

Harvest Clubs

Harvest Clubs are centered around supporting existing youth and food justice programs. The programming consists of experiential learning activities with each of our program partners throughout the year. City Fruit staff will collaboratively build an experience customized to needs identified by partners within the local community. Depending on the season, students learn about the issues of our urban orchard including stewardship, human impact on the environment, cooking & nutrition, and even GIS mapping. Example activities can include:


- Fruit Science Taste Testing

- Fresh Apple Cider Pressing

- Fruit Tree ID and Mapping

- Pick Your Own Day in the Orchard

- Orchard Care and Fruit Tree Assessment


Past and present program partnerships include Seattle Parks and Recreation Urban Food Systems, N. Seattle Boys and Girls Club, Green Plate Special, Atlantic Street Family Center, Rainier Beach Community Center, Rainier Community Center, Queen Anne Elementary School, Highland Park Elementary School, South Park Garden Squad.


Working with a youth cohort and want to connect? Email [email protected]


Youth Employment

Harvest Crew

In addition to educational programming, City Fruit is committed to building a sustainable path to employment.  City Fruit currently participates in the Seattle Youth Employment Program (SYEP). Young adults can apply to participate as lead harvesters and learn how to become a local urban food leader as part of the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest. Interested individuals should inquire and apply on the SYEP site. 


This work would not be made possible without support and training from The Russell Family Foundation.