Join the Harvest

Join the Harvest!


The harvest authorization period for 2020 has ended. If you still want to donate your fruit this year, please request a U-Pick Harvest Box. 


Do you want to join our fruit sharing community and share your trees’ bounty with members of the community? Then follow the steps below and join the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest!

If you have never registered your tree with City Fruit then start with Step 1. If you have already registered your tree in previous years then skip to Step 2.


Step 1: Register your tree 

Fill out the form HERE to create a profile for your trees in our system. If you have already registered your trees in the past, then you are good to go! You don’t have to repeat this process again.

Step 2: Authorize the harvest*

Is your tree already registered? Then be on the lookout for an email titled “Harvest Authorization Form” from our Community Engagement and Harvest Manager Juan in your email inbox. Unlike tree registration, each tree must be re-authorized for a harvest every year to give us permission to enter your property. Harvest Authorization Form must be competed before July 31st in order to be added to this year's harvest schedule. After the deadline, you can still request U-Pick Harvest Boxes to donate your fruit. 

Harvest services are available within the Seattle city limits only. 

Step 3: Schedule the harvest

Once you fill out the Authorization Survey, our harvest crew will give you a call closer to your tree’s ripening date to go over your fruit’s ripeness, pest conditions, and any requests that you might have. 

  • If your fruit is in a good condition, and if you wish to have the City Fruit crew harvest your fruit, then we will schedule a harvest to come visit your home. Or, you can also request a U-Pick Harvest Box and fill it up with the fruit you picked. 
  • If you have buggy fruit, then we can schedule to have a U-Pick Harvest Box delivered to your home within 3-4 business days.  


Thank you for participating in the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest!

* While we try our best to visit as many homes as possible to pick fruit, filling out the Harvest Authorization Survey does not guarantee that we will be able to harvest your fruit. Priority will be given to pest-free fruit that can be donated to a food bank. Thank you for your understanding. 




Share with our community partners by picking your own fruit and filling a U-Pick Harvest Box! 

If you prefer to pick your own fruit but still want to donate excess fruit that you picked to a food bank, then the U-Pick Harvest Box is for you. Simply request a U-Pick Box via our web site, pick your ripe fruit, and fill the box. The City Fruit crew will pick up the box when it’s ready and deliver to a neighboring community partner site.