Fruit for All Pop-up


This year we are excited to expand our Fruit for All Pop-up program so that we can share our hyper-local, fresh fruit with more community members!

What is Fruit for All? It’s our way of sharing the fruit grown in our city, from your neighbors’ backyards and public orchards. Previously Fruit for All was mainly available as CSA shares for City Fruit members only. But this year, we are expanding the program so anyone can enjoy the bounty of our city’s fruit trees. City Fruit wants to ensure that everyone in our community, regardless of finances, can enjoy organic, locally grown fruit.  We’ll be popping up with our Fruit for All fruit stand throughout the city, especially focusing on Seattle's underserved neighborhoods, so that everyone in our community will have access to FREE, fresh, nutritious fruit.

The fruit will be super fresh, picked just a few days earlier or even that morning, and we will have varieties of apples, pears, plums and other fruit that you don’t often find in the stores or even at local farmers markets. Available while supplies last. 

Newly expanded Fruit for All Pop-up

  • 12 pop-ups throughout the city 
  • Anyone can get free fruit!

If you are a City Fruit member, don’t worry: members will still get your CSA share with the full assortment of fruit! Your member share may even include some special fruit varieties that are available only in limited quantities (think figs, grapes and berries). Make sure to reserve your share for the pop-ups of your choice in advance, so we can set it aside for you! Look for the RSVP info in the member newsletter in July. There are up to 25 member shares available at each pop-up. Each member can sign up for up to 6 pop-ups. 2020 Fruit for All Member CSA is full. Please join us next year!

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