Kirke Park P-Patch

Address: 7028 9th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117

Types of fruit grown within this orchard: Apple, plum, fig.


Background and history: 

City Fruit’s relationship with the team at Kirke Park Community Garden is one of our newer 2022 public orchard partnerships!  The park is located on the east side of 9th Ave NW between NW 70th and 73rd, and was established 10 years ago by the city.  According to community park stewards, Ann and Becky, the Friends of Kirke Park group is active and coordinate regular work parties along with the adjoining P-Patch members to look after the greenspace.  Ann mentioned that four apple trees were planted by the city when the park was first created, and that while the trees were regularly pruned by a devoted P-Patch volunteer, that volunteer has since moved away and the trees had not been pruned for 2 years.  With help from Ann, Becky, and the Kirke Park community, City Fruit and a group from Salesforce were able to do some initial summer pruning of the apple, plum, and fig trees at the garden on June 24, 2022!  We look forward to continuing our partnership!

(Image description: volunteers in the sunny P-Patch.)
(Image description: volunteers in the sunny P-Patch.)
(Image description: trees in the P-Patch.)
(Image description: volunteers posing for the camera in the P-Patch.)
(Image description: volunteer on a ladder, posing for the camera.)