Tree care with Ciscoe Morris

Loppers vs. Saws

What tools do you really need to prune your fruit tree? Zany Ciscoe Morris, Seattle garden guru, helps Kristen Ramer Liang sort out the choices. Ciscoe talks about how not to fall off a ladder (buy the right kind for pruning tools). He shares tips on hand pruners, loppers and saws. Cisco also shows Kristen how to sharpen and clean her pruning tools.


This Branch Must Go!

Ciscoe Morris, Seattle’s favorite garden expert, is his usual zany self as he teaches Kristen Ramer Liang how to prune a fruit tree. Laugh while learning techniques to keep your tree healthy and productive. As Ciscoe says, it’s not brain surgery. You, too, can be an expert pruner.


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How to Apply Foot Socks

Don Ricks gives a short, simple video demonstrating how to apply foot socks on fruit to prevent apple maggot & coddling moth infestation. This demonstration was given as part of a foot sock party held at Piper Orchard in Carkeek Park, Seattle, WA


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