Orchard Stewards

Photo: Camille Sheppard

Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to grow healthy fruit in the city?

The Orchard Steward program empowers individuals to lead orchard activities in their neighborhood. Seattle’s public orchards are important community resources. Not only do fruit trees benefit the local ecosystem and urban canopy, but also play an important role in supplying fresh produce to the emergency food system.

City Fruit will provide Stewards will all the training and resources needed to care for their local orchard! Orchard stewards receive training in fruit tree biology, fruit tree pruning and integrated pest management (IPM). A customized orchard management plan will be provided by City Fruit which includes seasonal maintenance tasks centered around planting, pruning, mulching, watering and harvesting of orchard fruit trees. Each steward makes a commitment to improving and protecting their community orchard through at least 20 hours of volunteer service during the year.

Orchard Stewards:

  • Care for an urban orchard in their local neighborhood
  • Learn and understand the needs of the community’s urban fruit trees
  • Increase awareness of the fruit trees in Seattle’s public parks
  • Educate residents of the community about urban orchards and care of fruit trees
  • Involve additional community members as volunteers in caring for fruit trees

The Orchard Steward program is designed to empower individuals to become community leaders and fruit tree experts in their neighborhood orchard. Interested individuals should sign up as an individual volunteer and indicate interest in becoming an Orchard Steward.

We are specifically looking for stewards at the following South Seattle orchards: Amy Yee Tennis Center Orchard, Dr. Jose Rizal Park, and Martha Washington Park. In North and Northeast Seattle, we need stewards at the Burke-Gilman Trail, Meridian Playground and Good Shepherd Center Orchard

Email Natalie at [email protected] for more questions about the Orchard Stewards Program.


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