Picardo Farm P-Patch

Address: 8040 25th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115


Types of fruit grown within this orchard: apples, European and Asian pears, plums, peaches, grape arbors, raspberry, blueberry. 

** Orchard also has an apiary, children’s garden, and native pollinator garden. 


Background and history:

 Established in 1973, Picardo Farm P-Patch has the distinction of being the original community garden in Seattle.  The name “farm” is no exaggeration, as Picardo is home to a whopping 281 garden plots in an area of 98,000 square feet.  The land was farmed until the 1960s, at which point a neighbor organized parents, teachers, and students to garden in the space for local food bank programs.  Out of this initiative, Seattle’s P-Patch program was born.  In fact, the “P” in “P-Patch” commemorates the Picardo family.  Today, Picardo Farm remains the largest community garden in Seattle.