Share Your Fruit

(Image description: in the forefront, a volunteer holding a picker containing fruit; in the background, a volunteer picking in an orchard)
Do you have a fruit tree at home and want to share its bounty with your community? 

Seattle is home to tens of thousands of fruit trees. Every year, City Fruit harvests 30,000-45,000 pounds of organic fruit from fruit trees on residential properties and public orchards across Seattle. This fruit is shared  with local food banks and meal programs across the city. The remaining imperfect fruit is sold to local bakeries, cideries and restaurants to support our mission.


Want to share your fruit with the community?  Here’s how!


Learn About the Fruit We Harvest
– Option #1: City Fruit Harvests Your Tree
– Option #2: U-Pick – Harvest Your Tree

2024 improvements: We are excited to launch an auto scheduling system for the 2024 harvest! Gone are the days of back and forth emails to set a harvest time. Once your tree is registered with us, we will email 2-3 weeks prior to the anticipated ripening time with a link to schedule your harvest date. We also now harvest in designated regions throughout Seattle on specific days of the week to increase the amount we harvest and then deliver fruit to community partners.

Learn About the Fruit We Harvest

Before you schedule a harvest or a U-Pick with us, please learn about what types of fruit we harvest and read through our Harvest Agreement Terms. If you’re unsure on whether your fruit is ripe, please look through our City Fruit Ripening Guide to ensure your fruit is able to be harvested by our staff on your scheduled harvest day. 

Option 1: City Fruit Harvests Your Tree(s)

Fill out our harvest Interest Form. Please share the tree type, size, number, accessibility, and location of your tree(s). You can sign up your tree with us at any point in the year. Trees need to be registered into our system only once. Due to the high volume of requests from July to September, sign up forms received during this time may not be contacted until the following harvest season.

We review the form and let you know if we can harvest.  We need to assess if the tree is feasible for us to harvest and a fruit variety we can harvest. For example, if your tree is located on a steep slope, uneven ground, or precarious spot, we may be unable to effectively harvest your tree

Schedule a Harvest Date! City Fruit sends harvesters out mid-June through October in designated regions throughout Seattle on specific days of the week. We will email you 2-3 weeks prior to the ripening period of your tree. The email will include a link to schedule a date for our team to come harvest your tree(s).

Submit Requested Date and Harvest Agreement: When you receive the calendar link, please select your harvest date according to the region you live in. The form also includes our Harvest Agreement Terms to review and agree to.

Harvesting and distributing fruit to the community is the heart of our organization. To sustain our mission of redirecting quality fruit from waste and providing it to those facing food insecurity, we are now requesting a suggested tax-deductible donation on our scheduling form. Sharing your fruit supports our ability to distribute it to community partners, however, it takes a great deal of staff time and resources to schedule, organize, harvest, and distribute fruit to our partners across the city. On our scheduling form we will now include a section that allows you to easily donate, if you are able. Please know, every gift, no matter the size, greatly supports our work!

Harvest Day! Our harvest team will arrive between 9am-5pm and harvest for 1-2 hours. We do not require you to be home at the time of harvest. We will knock/ring at the front door or text to let you know we have arrived and are beginning to harvest.


Check out our City Fruit Ripening Guide to ensure your fruit is ripe before our team arrives at your home to harvest. We can reschedule if the fruit is not ready. You do not need to be home when we come to harvest. We will leave a receipt after the harvest with the total number of pounds they harvested from your tree.

Please note: While we try our best to visit as many homes as possible to pick fruit, we are not able to harvest fruit from all trees that are signed up. Pest damage-free fruit that can be donated to food banks will be given higher priority. 

Option 2: U-Pick (Harvest Your Tree)

Picking your own fruit saves City Fruit time and resources, while allowing you to donate your fruit and time with us. Simply pick your fruit and place them into paper bags, reusable totes, or shallow boxes to avoid crushing soft fruits like plums and berries, please do not stack fruit. Delivery options to City Fruit include:


1.  Have City Fruit pick up the fruit – Please submit a U-Pick form (coming soon) at least 2-3 days before you harvest so that we can plan when to come by to pick up the fruit. We request a $10 donation to help cover the transportation and labor costs.


2. Drop-off at our office – You are also welcome to drop-off fruit at our office in Fremont. We can accept fruit Monday – Thursday between 9-4pm.


3. Drop-off at a neighborhood site – if you would like to drop off fruit at one of the locations below during the designated times, please check back in July to get location details:


• West Seattle: Wednesdays
• Central Area: (TBD)
• South Seattle: Wednesdays


Don’t wait until the fruit starts to drop to the ground! If the fruit has already fallen, then we cannot donate this fruit to food banks, but we can set aside this windfallen fruit (fruit on the ground) for cider makers who will press and ferment the fruit.