Share Your Fruit

Seattle is home to tens of thousands of fruit trees.  By working with local tree owners, volunteers, and community partners, City Fruit stewards these trees and harvests tens of thousands of pounds of organic fruit every season from Seattle’s private and public orchards that we then share with those facing food insecurity across our city.

Do you have a fruit tree at home and want to share its bounty with your community? We have two ways for you to share your fruit! You can either: (1) Have a City Fruit team member harvest your tree OR (2) You can harvest your own tree through our U-Pick program.  

Option 1: Have a City Fruit team member harvest your tree

If you would like a City Fruit team member to harvest your tree(s), please fill out the Harvest Sign Up Form to tell us about the type, size, number, accessibility, and location of your tree(s). A City Fruit staff person will be in touch before harvest to confirm that your tree(s) meet our harvest criteria. 


You can sign up your tree with us at any point in the year!  Trees need to be signed up only once. 


Please note: While we try our best to visit as many homes as possible to pick fruit, we are not able to harvest fruit from all trees that are signed up. Due to the high volume of requests from July to September, resident signing up trees during this time may not be contacted until the following harvest season. Pest damage-free fruit that can be donated to food banks will be given higher priority. If you have buggy fruit, or if you are able to pick your own fruit, please consider picking your fruit and setting them into paper bags, totes, or boxes for a City Fruit staff or volunteer to pick up.


If your tree is located on a steep slope, uneven ground, or precarious spot, we may be unable to effectively harvest your tree if a ladder cannot be safely used.

Option 2: Harvest your own tree through our U-Pick program

Picking your own fruit saves City Fruit time and resources, while allowing you to donate your fruit AND time with us. Simply pick your fruit and place them into paper bags, reusable totes, or shallow boxes, and let us know to come pick them up! (To avoid crushing soft fruits like plums and berries, please do not stack fruit).  Please email [email protected] or call our office line at (206) 922-3967 at least 2-3 days before you harvest so that we can plan when to come by to pick up the fruit.  You are also welcome to drop-off fruit at our office.


Don’t wait until the fruit starts to drop to the ground! If the fruit has already fallen, then we cannot donate this fruit to food banks, but we can set aside this windfallen fruit for cider makers who will press and ferment the fruit.  We CANNOT accept any fruit that has broken skin or large soft spots, as these fruits will mold quickly and contaminate other fruits in storage. Donated fruit of this quality will be immediately composted.