Tree Care Services

Got a fruit tree?  Need help?  We got you!  Let us help you steward and learn to care for your tree to grow healthier fruit!  Please fill out our request form to share your tree care service needs and one of our tree care specialists will schedule a service time.

City Fruit offers fruit tree care visits at $99-119/hr with a 1 hour minimum. This sliding scale varies based on the scale and scope of work (e.g. size of the tree, type of fruit tree, amount of climbing and ladder work, etc.). Our specialists can provide you with an estimate for your particular tree, espalier, vine or berries.


We also offer services for public and private orchards and can set-up contracts for year round service.

(Image description: City Fruit's Tree Care Specialist, Julian, training a young fruit tree)

Julian Garcia, our Tree Care Service Manager/Specialist is ISA Arborist Certified (PN-9969-A)ensuring our team helps you grow healthy, fruitful trees. Fill out our request form or Julian at!


Our Services

Services are generally limited to trees under 20 feet. Beyond this height, our specialists will have to make an assessment of whether the tree can be safely accessed and pruned with City Fruit’s equipment. Our year-round services focus on the needs of each season.

Tree Health Assessment

Tree health assessments are a flat rate of $109 with the option to include additional hourly pruning. We provide you with a thorough understanding of the health of one’s trees, as well as which local factors may be influencing the productivity of the tree through an on-site consultation.

Pruning (trees, espaliers, vines and berries)

We prune and train your fruit tree in order to improve its health and productivity. 

Orchard Care

We provide year around orchard care for public and private orchard space. Services include an initial health assessment, summer and winter pruning, netting and/or mulching.

Netting & Bagging

We will cover your tree to protect the fruit from apple maggot and codling moth using a tree net (referred to as “bee” or “hail” netting). 

Tree Planting

We can advise on site placement and plant both bare root and potted fruit trees/vines.


If you provide the mulch, we can help you prepare the mulch ring and lay the mulch for you. Please be sure you have enough mulch to cover a 3-6 foot radius around your tree, as well as some cardboard or burlap sacks to suppress weed growth most effectively. For more information, click here.


Our Team

Julian Garcia, Tree Care Services Manager & Specialist, ISA Certified Arborist PN-9969-A
Meg Sherry, Fruit Tree Specialist
Jeff Oliver, Fruit Tree Specialist
Tree Care Services Gift Card 

Give the gift of tree care to the fruit tree enthusiast in your life!  We offer gift cards starting at $125, which covers 1-hour of tree care services (tax included). Valid for 1-year from purchase date.


Click here to purchase a gift card today! 

Read what tree care clients have to say!

"Julian was so knowledgeable and excellent at teaching his knowledge to us so that we can continue to properly care for our peach tree. I really appreciated his easy, friendly teaching style. We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for guidance on caring for their fruit trees."
"Mr. Garcia had the perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness. We were amazed at how much work he got done in the amount of time that he was here. We are already scheduled in February for a winter prune."
"It's a pleasure to work with Julian and City Fruit. As a senior with some physical restrictions, I'm very happy that the work can be done by someone with skills at a reasonable price while also supporting an important community resource. Well done!"
'City Fruit is a critical partner of Historic Seattle’s by helping us maintain the Good Shepherd Center’s apple orchard and the Garden House’s pear trees. This is vital to the health of our orchard and the ability to keep the story of the properties alive for younger generations to experience." ~Megan Stanek, Historic Seattle