Tree Care Services

Got a fruit tree?  Need help?  We got you!  Let us help you learn to care for your tree, grow healthier fruit, and share it with your neighbors!  We offer a range of ways to learn including classesresource guides, and paid services that can help you make the best of your local fruit tree.  City Fruit also holds an annual compost give-away for one day in the spring.  Contact [email protected] to find out when this year’s give-away will be!

Tree Care Service Options

All tree care services run $89/hr (below market rate) with a one-hour minimum, or $79/hr for 5+ hours of work.  The service cost is used to cover the time and transportation expenses of our Fruit Tree Specialist — any additional funds go back to supporting our mission of harvesting and sharing quality fruit with the community.       

City Fruit’s Fruit Tree Specialist will prune and train your fruit tree in order to improve its health and productivity. Summer pruning is great for shaping and reducing the size of a tree, identifying and removing deadwood, and thinning trees which are crowded and/or overproducing. Whereas winter pruning promotes growth in young trees, provides a clear picture of an established tree’s branching framework, and causes less stress in the tree. Depending what you want from your tree, we can help to determine when is best to prune.  Most fruit trees require between one and two hours of pruning per visit. 

While we will thoroughly clean up after pruning, we are unable to take trimmings off-site.  For an extra fee, we may be able to offer chipping services in the future. 


If you provide the mulch, our Fruit Tree Specialist can help you prepare the mulch ring and lay the mulch for you. Please be sure you have enough mulch to cover a 3-6 foot radius around your tree, as well as some cardboard or burlap sacks to suppress weed growth most effectively. For more information, go to



We will cover and seal your tree to protect the fruit from apple maggot and codling moth using a tree net (referred to as “bee” or “hail” netting). This is done to prevent pests such as coddling moth and apple maggot, which often damage apples and pears. For best results the tree should be netted between May and early June.  Further, it is important to thin the fruitlets beforehand, leaving about 6 inches in between each one.  We can also thin the fruit for you if you are unable to.  Netting must be provided by the tree owner, or can be purchased from City Fruit for about $2/ft depending on the net’s size and condition. For more information, check out this research article on exclusion netting or our own guide on How To Net A Fruit Tree!


Tree Planting

We can advise on site placement and plant both bare root and potted fruit trees/vines.  Bare root trees are not stored in soil; instead, their roots are kept in damp wood chips or sawdust.  The benefit of bare root trees is that once planted, their root systems adapt to the native soil more quickly and they grow prolifically.  We recommend tree planting saplings in the late winter or early spring (January-March), while the tree is still dormant.  If your home soil is lacking organic matter and/or proper drainage, then we recommend mixing in a soil conditioner, which we can provide for a small fee.  It is also recommended to create a mulch ring around your newly planted tree and stake it for extra support.


Tree Care Assessment and Action Plan

This service is meant to provide tree owners with a thorough understanding of the health of one’s trees, as well as which local factors may be influencing the productivity of the tree through an on-site consultation. A tree assessment will examine the tree from its roots to the top of the canopy, and everything in between. From there, City Fruit’s Fruit Tree Specialist will develop a simple to follow, customized action plan for a tree owner to follow in order to improve the health of the tree. The summer months are best for assessing your fruit trees when both fruit and foliage are available for analysis, but assessments can be scheduled year-round.


*Services are for trees under 25 feet. Beyond this height, our specialist will have to make an assessment of whether the tree can be safely accessed with City Fruit’s equipment.

Fruit Tree Care Gift Card 

Give the gift of tree care to the fruit tree enthusiast in your life!  We offer gift cards starting at $100, which covers 1-hour of tree care services (tax included). Valid for 1-year from purchase date.


Please email [email protected] for more information! 

Have questions? Contact our Fruit Tree Specialist at [email protected].