Tree Netting Calculation Guide

What size netting do I need?

The size netting you need is simple to determine but is important to do before purchasing netting. Too long is always better than too short. Accurately calculating the size you need can save time, frustration and money.

  • To determine what size net you need, measure the height and width (spread) of your tree
  • Multiply the height measurement by 2 and add 1 1/2 times the width. That resulting number should be the minimum length of one side of the square piece of net.


(Height x 2) + (Width x 1.5) = measurement of side of square net.... 


Choose a width equal or greater than what you need or purchase two and sew together.

For fast reference:

Tree Height in feet Tree Width in feet Square Net - length of each side in feet Similar Size Online Option
5 4 16 AgFabric (Amazon) one 15' x 20' 
6 5 20 AgFabric (Amazon) one 26' x 20' 
8 5 24 AgFabric (Amazon) one 26' x 20' 
10 8 32 AgFabric (Amazon) two 19.7' x 34' 
10 10 34 AgFabric (Amazon) two 19.7' x 34'
15 15 34 AgFabric (Amazon) one 26' x 34'


*Note the largest size net we reccommend is 34' square and that size will require up to five people to install. Any larger netting is hard to manage and install on it's own! If your full tree is too large to net completely, try netting smaller clumps of branches with a few smaller pieces.


Feeling overwhelmed?

City Fruit will provide free consultations for folks who need help figuring out the best method and net size for you. For help contact [email protected].


Got your net but need help installing? Contact [email protected] for a quote from Tree Care Services. Installation service is only available for trees up to 10' x 10' 



  • Anti-hail netting, Anti-insect netting (25 or 40 mesh)
  • Ag Fabric- Anti-hail netting, wide variety of sizes
    • Magnolia Garden Store- Inquire in-store (Central Seattle)
    • Swanson's Nursery- Inquire in-store (N. Seattle)