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Share the Harvest!

If you care for a fruit tree and want to share the extra fruit, follow the steps below to get help with the harvest and make it count in the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest.


Step 1: Become a Member

In order to grow and sustain the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest, we ask all participants to become members and contribute just $25/year to cover a small part of the cost of the harvest.* We couldn't continue this work without a community of support. There are lots of other great membership benefits to use all year round, make sure to check them out! 


Step 2: Register Your Tree!

Fill out the form below to create a profile for your tree in our system. If you have ever registered your tree in the past, you are good to go! 


Step 3: Authorize the Harvest

Got your trees registered already? Members must re-authorize every year and authorized trees by July 31st will have first priority during the harvest season! The "Harvest Authorization Survey" will come to you directly via email in late April each year. This survey let's us know who needs harvest service help! While you wait, make sure your membership is up-to-date!


Harvest services are available to all residences within the Seattle city limits. Learn more about the harvest help now available to some residents in S. King County as part of the 2018 Harvest for All expansion .


Step 4: Make it Count, DIY!

Already picking and sharing your own fruit? Grab some harvest supplies at your local tool library, contact [email protected] to schedule a pickup if you've got extra fruit to share and then enter your success numbers into the DIY Harvest Survey (link coming soon).


Got more questions? Check out the Harvest Service FAQs

*We won't turn away anyone in need of harvest help. Find out the different ways to give back as a City Fruit member

Register Your Tree

Please provide information about your tree(s) below.  If you have more than 3 trees, please contact us at [email protected] to register your trees.

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*Registering your tree(s) will automatically subscribe you to the City Fruit newsletter.