Register Your Fruit Tree

Do you have a fruit tree at home and want to share its bounty with your community? Then registering your tree is the first step towards joining our fruit sharing community!* 

Fill out the tree registration form below and tell us about your trees. Once you registered your trees, you will receive an email titled "Harvest Authorization Form" from our Fruit Tree Specialist and Harvest Manager Julian to start the scheduling process. Our Harvest Authorization Form deadline is July 31st to be added for sure to this year's harvest schedule. Typically it takes at least one week after you fill out the Harvest Authorization Form to schedule a harvest. 

Please note that while we try our best to visit as many homes as possible to pick fruit, we are not able to harvest fruit from all authorized trees. Pest damage-free fruit that can be donated to food banks will be given higher priority. If you have buggy fruit, or if you are able to pick your own fruit, please consider picking your fruit and setting in paper bags or totes for a City Fruit staff or volunteer to pick up. You can also request a U-Pick Harvest Box

*Trees need to be registered only once. If you have registered your tree with City Fruit before you do not repeat this process. Your tree is already in our system! But you will still need to authorize your fruit to be harvested this year.

Register Your Tree

Please provide information about your tree(s) below.  If you have more than 3 trees, please contact us at [email protected] to register your trees.

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Second Tree
Third Tree

*Registering your tree(s) will automatically subscribe you to the City Fruit newsletter.