Register Your Tree

Register your trees


Our harvest calendar is full for the remainder of the 2019 harvest season. If you want to donate your fruit you can still request U-Pick Harvest Boxes and share your fruit with the community! You are also welcome to register your trees for the 2020 season now so you can receive harvest-related communications from us next spring to get you ready for next year's harvest.  


City Fruit is working to develop a comprehensive map of Seattle’s fruit trees, and we want to include as many fruit trees as possible. Having a better grasp of our city’s fruit tree canopy will help us develop better strategies for improving the trees’ health, and be a better advocate and support policies that protect the well-being of our city’s trees.  


If you own fruit trees, or live or work on a property with fruit trees, please take a moment to fill out the tree registration form below and tell us about your trees.*


*Please note that trees need to be registered only once. If you have registered your tree with City Fruit before you do not repeat this process. Your tree is already in our system!


Register Your Tree

If your answer is yes then please visit the Join the Harvest page for further details.

Please provide information about your tree(s) below.  If you have more than 3 trees, please contact us at [email protected] to register your trees.

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Third Tree

*Registering your tree(s) will automatically subscribe you to the City Fruit newsletter.