Harvest Hubs

Become a Neighborhood Harvest Hub!

This year City Fruit is piloting a new harvest program which will both grow the overall community harvest as well as make it more equitable for tree owners. In an effort to assist those who truly need a hand, we are asking those who are able to harvest their own produce and, if possible, deliver the fruit to a central location for pick up. We are looking for folks to host these evening drop offs. City Fruit will then arrive the next morning and pick up all that has been delivered. This is a great, easy opportunity for folks who want to assist in the harvest and want to meet/chat with their neighbors from the comfort of your own front porch!


Harvest Hubs will be asked to:

-Allow folks to drop off harvested fruit at their residence (ideally be present for this time)

-Keep track of each harvest delivered

-Offer harvesting tools provided by City Fruit for those in need

-Coordinate with Harvest Manager about pick ups


Fill out the volunteer survey below to get started!