Distribute Fruit to the Community

City Fruit prioritizes the distribution of harvested fruit to food banks and meal programs in order to support equitable access to healthy, local foods! We also share fruit directly with community members through our free Fruit-For-All Farmstands in locations across Seattle (July-October).


Are you a organization providing direct services for food insecure families and individuals that would like to receive fruit? Contact us at [email protected] and let’s talk!

When fruit is too ripe, undersized, or buggy to be donated directly to a food bank or meal program, we work with our community diversion partners!  Our diversion partners include local businesses that purchase and process the fruit into products such as cider, baked goods, and jams.  Not only does this divert food from waste, but the sales go back to supporting our program. 

We are also seeking partnership to local to create shelf-stable products that can then be donated to food banks, meal programs, and organizations working with food insecure populations.


Contact us at [email protected] and let’s talk about partnering!

Fruit-For-All Farmstands

Fruit-for-All is our signature pop-up fruit stands set up as another low-to-no barrier way to share fruit for free!  Our Fruit-for-Alls are planned every summer and fall (July-Oct) in neighborhoods across Seattle so that anyone can enjoy the bounty of our city’s fruit trees. Each harvest season, we plan for ~20 Fruit-For-Alls in neighborhoods from High Point, to Ballard, to Meadowbrook, to New Holly, to Phinney, to Delridge – and more! Check back in June for our 2024 schedule.

Curious about which fruits might be available at our pop-ups?  Here is a breakdown of when different kinds of fruits are ripening in our city’s orchards:

July: cherries, plums

August: plums, figs, peaches, apples, pears

September: plums, peaches, apples, pears, grapes 

October: apples, pears, grapes, figs, persimmons, quince, kiwis


Do you have a site for a Fruit-For-All we should consider?  Please email [email protected].