5 cool ways City Fruit grew this year

As we prepare to welcome a new year, filled with new growth and opportunity – we wanted to take a step back to celebrate 2017! After all, we work all year long to put our city’s fruit to its best and fullest use in bringing our neighbors together. But, we don’t do it alone! As you consider a year-end gift to City Fruit, to support our city-wide expansion in 2018, please remember all the cool things we did this year!

1. We donated 9 TONS of crabby apples to Seattle Cider, which they will press into our 2017 Vintage City Fruit Cider

2. We partnered with Cupcake Royale for the first time ever, which resulted in an Apple Streusel, harvest-themed cupcake; an on-site cider pressing at their Queen Anne store; and a staff work party at our Wallingford Harvest Hub

3. We discovered new orchards! We worked with our partners at Seattle Parks & Recreation to start digging away ivy at a new-to-us orchard in Maplewood, found new crab apple trees on the Burke Gilman, and harvested from some new backyard gems all over the city!

4. We expanded our camp program! We redesigned our camp program to run all year-long and serve hundreds of low-income students, ALL over the city.

5. We reimagined our Harvest! 50 people submitted DIY harvests 10 ride-alongs & 8 Harvest Hubs


We are 80% of the way to our year-end goal! Become a permanent part of the harvest expansion in 2018 and donate today!


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