What We Do

Harvest Fruit for the Community

Every year, City Fruit harvests 30,000-45,000 pounds of fruit from fruit trees on residential properties and public orchards across Seattle. This fruit is shared with local food banks and meal programs across the city.  Learn more here

(Image description: volunteer posing amidst bagged fruitlets.)
Orchard Stewardship


City Fruit stewards and harvests from fruit trees in both private and public access orchards, and strives to partner and support gardeners and orchardists in the work they do within public access orchards. Learn more here


Tree Care Services


Need help taking care of your fruit tree? Connect with our Fruit Tree Specialist, Julian, for all things related to tree care! Learn more here

(Image description: Julian securing a young tree with twine.)
(Image description: cider from a tap filling a plastic cup.)
Collaborating With Community Partners


Want to know more about who we partner with? Learn more about our community partners here