Baby Apples Arrive at Linden Orchard

Baby apples have arrived at Linden Orchard! Small apples, about a dime in size are starting to appear on some of the orchard’s six apple trees.

It’s very normal for apple trees to bloom and develop fruit at varying times, depending on the variety.

The impact of our thinning work is evident on the trees. Working with the Linden Orchard P-Patch, we thinned blossoms on the apple trees during our Save Seattle’s Apples kick-off event in April. Rather than several apple clusters developing, single apples are growing.  This makes the bagging and pest prevention process much easier! It also helps produce bigger, better fruit!

Now is the right time to cover your baby apples! Need more details on where to get free pest barriers or other information? Check out our Save Seattle’s Apples site.

Catherine Morrison is the executive director of City Fruit. 


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