Calling all Cooks and Bakers!

Over the last few months, we at City Fruit have shared some of our favorite recipes that include fruit. From French Apple Cake for Thanksgiving to poached Asian pear for Lunar New Year, there are so many delicious ways to enjoy fruit. Now, we would love to hear from you, our City Fruit community, about how YOU love to incorporate fruit into your cooking and baking! 
We’re starting a recipe project and will actively crowdsource your favorite recipes over the next year. We don’t just want to know how to prepare the dish — we want to hear your stories about  what that preparation of fruit means to you. This recipe project will celebrate the joys of fruit, community, and the value of building resilient, local food systems. 
Recipe submissions aren’t limited to elaborate sweet desserts, though those are welcome too! Is there a recipe that reminds you of your cultural roots or a favorite trip? Did you learn any recipes passed down by a family member? Or perhaps you developed a recipe while improvising with the limited ingredients in your pandemic-era pantry? 
Once we compile enough recipes, we plan to publish these stories in a photo-filled cookbook. If you have questions or would like to share a recipe, email us at with the subject line “Recipe Project.” If you’re nervous about writing, we are happy to help guide you. Please share widely — we want to hear from as many people as possible.