City Fruit Launches Save Seattle’s Apples Campaign!

During 2014, City Fruit harvested nearly 28,000 pounds of fresh, edible fruit and donated the majority to Seattle’s emergency food system. During the same harvest season, we composted over 12,000 pounds of rotten fruit that had fallen to the ground due to insects, poor tree management, or neglect. Through education, outreach, and direct hands-on assistance to tree owners in protecting their fruit, we hope to cut the number of pounds of fruit we compost in half in 2015, adding 6,000 pounds of fruit to the emergency food system and feeding an additional estimated 20,000 families.

“Apple trees are a vibrant part of Seattle’s history, and a valuable resource. Coming together as an entire community in the care of our apple trees could have an enormous impact on our local food system and really make a difference in the lives of the food insecure in our community”, said Morgan Larsen, City Fruit’s board president.

“Food waste makes up one third of Seattle’s residential garbage”, said Veronica Fincher, Waste Prevention Program Manager at Seattle Public Utilities. “We’re excited to be part of a project that helps prevent food from becoming waste–especially since food is no longer allowed in the garbage”.

From April through June, City Fruit will provide free pest barriers to Seattle tree owners, and will host a series of outreach events in five Seattle neighborhoods focused on covering trees to prevent pests in orchards as well as on private property.

Help us cut the number of pounds of fruit we compost by half in 2015. Join us to save Seattle’s Apples!

The Save Seattle’s Apples Kick-Off event will take place on Sunday, April 19th at Linden Orchard (N 67th St.) from 12 – 3 PM, and will feature opportunities for community members to participate in covering apple trees, win prizes, and pledge to reduce waste!

Join us for a Bag ‘n’ Brew event at Schilling Cider House in Fremont to pick up your pest barriers, sample local cider, and enter to win raffle prizes!

Volunteer at one of our pest prevention events, protect your tree and pick up your free pest barriers, or become an Apple Champion and run the Rock ‘n’ Roll race with us!

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