Get to Know Seattle’s Early Season Apples (and how to turn them into butter!)

As July rolls around each year, you may notice a certain type of apple that seems to already be fully sized and ready for harvesting while most apples are just beginning to grow. These apples are called transparent apples and on sight, can be distinguished by their extremely light (shall we say, transparent?) green skin. Last year we harvested nearly 2,000 pounds of Transparent Apples from around the city. If you have had the chance to bite into one of these apples, your first reaction was probably, “whoa! these are tart!” This early season fruit has a very bold, tart flavor. This, along with their dry flesh, makes them one of the best apples for cooking all sorts of apple treats such as apple butter, chips, and sauce. This coming Saturday at the Wallingford Senior Center we will be hosting our first cooking class using transparent apples. We will provide the apples and all participants will go home with some of each treat! For more information or to sign up for this weekend’s event, go to the calendar section of our website or simply click here!

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