Give the Gift of City Fruit Membership!

Give the Gift of City Fruit Membership!


Are you looking for a fantastic gift idea but don’t want to buy more “stuff”? Or perhaps you know someone who has a fruit tree but never picks the fruit, and you hate to see all the beautiful fruit go to waste?  Then give a gift membership to City Fruit!

City Fruit membership doesn’t require any shipping, packaging, and it’s beyond zero waste. It actually helps reduce waste by picking the fruit before it falls and rots on the ground. AND we donate otherwise unutilized fruit to local food banks so our neighbors in need can enjoy fresh, nutritious food.

City Fruit membership is also a gift that keeps on giving. City Fruit helps steward countless fruit trees in the public orchards, and provides pest prevention kits to fruit tree owners all over the city so their trees can stay healthy and continue to produce delicious fruit for years to come. City Fruit also offers training and educational opportunities to aspiring tree stewards and underserved youth so that our city’s fruit trees are properly cared for for the future generations. So your gift of City Fruit membership will have a lasting impact on your own community.

As a City Fruit member, the lucky recipient of the gift membership will get to enjoy benefits that include:

  • Harvest of their fruit tree
  • Fruit for All CSA
  • Decision-making power in deciding how the fruit is shared
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Discounts at local retail locations including: Swanson’s Nursery, the Woods, and City People’s Garden Store

If you are looking for a thoughtful, meaningful gift this holiday season, then consider giving a gift membership to City Fruit!



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