Help grow the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest!

OrCity Fruit is on a mission. We want to grow the harvest and share even more fruit with our community.
City Fruit has been putting Seattle’s fruit trees to their best and fullest use for over a decade. But now, the demand for our city’s fruit is greater than ever.  Many families are experiencing food insecurity, and an unprecedented number of people are visiting food banks for the first time where healthy, nutritious food is in high demand yet in short supply.
We often say that City Fruit is a small, grassroots organization that makes big things possible. But this year, our goal is even more ambitious than usual. And we need YOUR help to make it happen!
You can help grow the harvest by telling your neighbors about the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest!

Do you know someone who has a fruit tree that produces a lot of fruit? Then drop off a Great Seattle Fruit Harvest neighbor campaign postcard at their house! Let them know about City Fruit’s harvest program, and encourage them to register their fruit tree so that their fruit can help feed our community instead of going to waste.




Email us at and let us know how many postcards you want, along with your mailing address, then we’ will send them to you!

Or you can download the postcard HERE

If you have a fruit tree at home and new to City Fruit, you can register your tree now at

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